"it a picture of daddy"

It's been an age since the last real update so let's get the main points covered:

1. Reproduction: baby Spencer arrived, three and a half years later he's a little boy already and an avid artist, musician and telly viewer.

2. Displacement: left a cramped Manhattan apartment for the leafy suburbs.

3. Polytheism: Vimanarama, written by Grant Morrison, a tale of love, war and ancient gods. Collected edition out now.

4. Incompetence: The Escapists, written by Brian K. Vaughan and based on Michael Chabon's Kavalier & Clay novel. An ongoing series but due to (I keep telling myself) time spent looking after the aforementioned Spencer it devolved into a debacle of missed deadlines and the excellent Steve Rolston took over after one issue.

On the website front, there's more art in the gallery, original pages in the store, and frisky-fresh new desktops! More reports from the front soon, right now a deadline looms and a diaper stinks.

For history's sake, whatever that's worth, all those hilarious and informative older posts are archived here. Just don't expect the links to work.