How We Used To Live.


It is still 2008, right? Storm blew through on Tuesday evening. Pretty spectacular lightning but to be frank the wind and rain weren't up to much. Still, when the first clap of thunder boomed the power cut out and we were plunged into the Middle Ages. Almost 48 hours later and we still haven't been reconnected. Yesterday morning I sat on the porch and actually spoke to the neighbours, by afternoon I had tossed all the perishables from the fridge and was dancing, fur-clad, around a possum I had snared. OK, I exaggerate, but last night we sat round a couple of candles and told stories (little Spencer's contribution: "Once upon a time Spiderman made a poo").

So anyhoo. I'm hopped up on iced coffee and muffins and free wireless access, sat here in our local Panera sandwich shop opposite two 20 year-olds in suits comparing graphs, and next to a huge business man trying to sell some poor sap a get rich internet scheme. He'll be rich faster than a career in comics but hollow on the inside. Oh so hollow.